Professional Headshots Fredericksburg

Discover Unique Headshots with Franklin Knox Photography in Fredericksburg, VA!

Hello, I’m Franklin Knox, your Certified Professional Photographer, and I’m dedicated to helping you shape your exceptional narrative.


Why Choose Me in Fredericksburg?

My expertise transcends the ordinary realm of photography; I’m committed to inclusively creating unique opportunities through headshots:

Impressive Introduction: Your headshot is your first impression, and a Franklin Knox Headshot commands respect and professionalism.

Enhanced Memorability: Thoughtfully designed headshots etch you into memory, especially for those encountering you for the first time.

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is a necessity. That’s why I bring my portable studio directly to your chosen location, whether it’s your home, office, or any other cherished spot. I deeply value your time and effort, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.


Your Identity, Your Masterpiece

My approach is simple yet powerful: I craft headshots that create a unique, authentic first impression and carve your presence into memory. With Franklin Knox Photography, you can have professional headshots taken in all the outfits that define your individuality. Your photoshoot remains open-ended until you are entirely content, equipped with everything to articulate your perfect alignment with your values.


Elevate Your Brand with Custom Wall Art

However, my expertise extends far beyond standard photography. I specialize in more than capturing moments; I create hand-printed wall portraits that transform into timeless masterpieces. My distinctive technique marries photographic prints to canvas, endowing them with depth and dimension, and concludes with authentic lacquer for UV protection. For those seeking the utmost sophistication, my Painterly Wall Portraits are the best-kept-secret choice. These artistic marvels seamlessly blend realism and artistry, encapsulating the very essence of your brand. My artisans add contour brush strokes and oil enhancements before preserving them with a protective coat of lacquer.


Display Your Brand’s True Identity

Your brand story deserves nothing short of an authentic and genuine portrayal. With over 35 years of dedicated, full-time photographic experience, I offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to business photography. From impactful headshots to meticulously crafted wall portraits and corporate photography for publications and websites, I skillfully cater to all your photographic needs, always committed to maintaining the highest standards.

By selecting Franklin Knox Photography, you gain the convenience of a single photographer who excels at representing your brand consistently across various platforms. Say goodbye to overused stock images that can dilute your company’s authenticity and eliminate the hassle of coordinating multiple photographers—I streamline the process for you, ensuring a perfect alignment with your transformed identity.

Visit my home page to explore what sets my headshots and wall portraits apart—unique, authentic, and individualized. Join me on this visual journey as we reject the artificial for the authentic and discard the mediocre for high-quality, unfurling your brand’s full potential and leaving an indelible mark with visual excellence in Fredericksburg!