Portrait photographer

Wall Portraits:

Transform your corporate space with the power of large wall portraits that humanize your company and create a lasting impression. At Franklin Knox Photography, we understand the significance of showcasing your leadership team. These portraits convey not only stability but also expertise and unwavering commitment to your clients, fostering a positive and trusting perception of your business.

Our dedication to crafting these portraits is reflected in our custom hand-printed wall portraits on Canvas. With precision and care, we mount photographic prints to canvas, creating an even and pronounced canvas texture. To safeguard your investment, we finish these prints with real lacquer, offering protection from UV light while adding depth and dimension to the artwork.

For those seeking a premium touch, our Painterly Canvas Wall Portraits stand as a superior choice to traditional oil paintings. Our skilled artists add contour brush strokes and oil enhancements to create a masterpiece that transcends the ordinary. These exquisite works are then preserved with a protective coat of lacquer, allowing you to infuse sophistication and elegance into your home or corporate offices without incurring the premium cost associated with oil paintings.

Elevate your space and leave a lasting impact with our remarkable Wall Portraits. Contact Franklin Knox Photography today to transform your surroundings into a reflection of excellence and professionalism.