Headshot tips and tricks

Headshot Tips and Tricks

Getting ready for headshot sessions can be stressful, so here are some tips and tricks to get you ready for your big day!  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of giving your headshot everything you’ve got – but remember that your headshot is not about how fancy you are in your photo —It’s about effectiveness.  

Makeup and Skincare

Your expression and creating a clear memory of you are priorities. Our goal will be for your makeup to not steal attention. Here are some quick tips:

  • Do not use eyeliner. It will make your eyes look small. Use a light coating of mascara on the top only and carefully avoid clumps. Never use fake eyelashes in a headshot.
  • Go easy on the foundation, or you’re going to look crusty! Don’t try and cover up big problems with makeup; I’ll do that in retouching.
  • Lips: Natural-looking contrast from the skin is good. Bold lips are going to be distracting for a professional headshot. Please bring lip gloss.
  • Men, for different looks, grow some stubble and bring a shaving kit with you.


Fluffy ends may look obvious.  If you can, get a haircut a week before your shoot.  If you color your hair, this is the time to do that.  When hair is dry, it doesn’t reflect the light and looks unhealthy, so use your hair treatment consistently.

Too much hairspray will make your hair look dull and dry on the set.  Use a small amount in short bursts from a distance.

Bring hair products with you to your photo shoot so that you can fix your hair when you change outfits.

Men, we haven’t forgotten you — well-groomed eyebrows and ears are essential for you; trim those.  If you cut your facial hair before your session, do that before you put your first headshot outfit on.

What to wear

Remember that your headshot is not about how fancy you are in your photo —It’s about effectiveness. YOU are the show’s star, not your clothing or jewelry, so keep it simple!
Significant patterns and flashy jewelry are a no.
Collars can help or work against you. Crisp collars look amazing in headshots; loose collars can give a much more casual look and may even be sloppy.
If this is a Custom Session, bring many clothing options! Custom sessions offer plenty of time, so we can try different combinations and give you lots of options. You can never have too much clothing!
Watch the videos below to get a quick overview of what to wear and more about makeup.